Wayne has over 50 years of rare coin experience, and is a Life Member of
The American Numismatic Association ANA #550, since 1964.  

Wayne Pratali graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Electronics Engineering,
including advanced education in Engineering Economics.


In 1963, Wayne opened The Little Mint of San Francisco, Inc., a rare coin and precious metals operation in the business and financial center of downtown San Francisco.  Operating a successful business for ten years during the period of silver certificate redemption and the exciting coin market associated with that market was an education in advanced business.  As President and largest shareholder, Wayne led The Little Mint of San Francisco for ten years of successful retail and wholesale operations, and eventually opened a second store in downtown San Francisco, adding Rare Stamps, Coin Jewelry, Diamonds and Precious Gems to sales.  Wayne was accepted into The Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG), and held membership in that prestigious group for six years with the low membership number #79. 

The business in silver and gold coins led to a Commodity Brokerage and Gold Coin business in California with 5 offices and 35 sales staff.  This Company was known as California Futures Inc. and led to memberships by Wayne on The Commodity Exchange of New York (Comex), The New York Futures Exchange (NYFE), The San Francisco Commodity Exchange (SFCE), and The New York Cotton Exchange.  Wayne was also registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor with The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).  

In 1972, Wayne joined the A-Mark Family of Companies as Director of Operations of International Gold Corporation, Manager of Numismatic Trading for A-Mark Precious Metals, and Director of Numismatics for Goldline International Inc.  He has been a consultant for Mocatta Metals Corporation of New York, and Merrill Lynch Metals of New York.  Wayne was also President of Golden State Coin and Commodities Exchange, a multi-million dollar coin trading operation in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  In 1988 Wayne joined A-Mark for a second time as Director of Numismatics for 11 more years.  

In 1999, Wayne joined Spectrum Numismatics International Inc. and he served that company until he joined Superior Galleries of Beverly Hills.

Now operating as a consultant to the Rare Coin trade, Wayne is reachable at his email waynepratali@uscoin.net
or by phone at (213) 985 0519

Wayne A. Pratali - Rare Coin and Commodity Futures consultant.

He has been an advanced and avid participant in snow skiing, tennis, racquetball, motorcycling, scuba, swimming, diving, and photography. 

Wayne can be reached at (213) 985 0519

 or E-Mail below.


Wayne Pratali
Full time rare coin business since 1963

Life Member #550 since 1964

  Life Member of The American Numismatic Association.

 PNG Former Member #79 from 1969.
 PNG Member #599 from recent time.
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Registered Commodity Trading Advisor
Since 1979 with The CFTC, NFA
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the National Futures Association.
©Wayne Pratali - USCoin.net

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